Monday, January 2, 2017


It is great to shop the seasonal clearance items. You can get the best deals on many items by shopping for deep discounts on seasonal clearance end caps, tables and even in the main aisles. Seasonal clearances occur at least four times a year and are in every section of the store. Even items that are not really seasonal are sold off at deep discounts to make way for the short season holiday items. One large retailer I worked at sold off much of the regular furniture it carried (beds,desks,chairs etc), when it was time to set up displays of patio furniture. Space in a retail store is not cheap so they will sacrifice carrying a full line in order to make a fast buck.

Seasonal items are often clearanced at 30% off or more. Clothing and live nursery plants are often clearanced at 50% or more off. Don't be afraid to ask for a further discount particularly if the box is a Little shop worn (faded, scratched or,taped). You can also get a better deal if there are limited items left. A manager might just want to get the items out of the way rather than store them until the next season and by then, the items may be damaged by accidents in the backroom or, the item might be discontinued in favor of a newer item or different brand. In any case, don't be afraid to ask for a further discount then what is being advertised on the sign or in the paper. Make sure you ask a manager since most clerks don't have the authority to give discounts. The floor clerk is usually instructed to not give further discounts.

The garden center is a great place to get fall discounts. Most trees and shrubs do well if you plant them in the fall. And, most garden centers shut completely down all winter and have to get rid of all their shrubs,trees and perennials. Always ask for a further discount on seasonally clearanced trees and shrubs. If you are willing wait for the item and take a chance on it being sold, keep checking back with the garden center manager to see what kind of further discount you can get. On the last few days the garden center is open the manager just might ask you to make an offer for any live plants he has left.

The clothing section of the store is usually where seasonal discounts occur first since they must be set up for the next season up to six weeks in advance. Areas like housewares, toys and sporting goods often have a few aisles or least end caps that change over from season to season. Most departments have holiday items that will be discounted before and after the holiday is over.

Groceries change over less than other areas but, items like candy, produce and even deli may have some seasonal discount. Many wines may also be cleareanced to make way for the latest vintage. If you collect local wines than seasonal change over times are heaven sent. You can really build up your wine cellar at up to 50% off of the sticker prices.

Overall, don't be afraid of shopping for seasonal bargains. Of course, don't be afraid of asking for even greater discounts from the store or department manager. When you buy seasonal clearance items you win but, the merchant also wins. They get the cash back on the item and some space freed up for the latest items for the current season.

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