Sunday, January 23, 2011


In a world of personal computers, personal assistants etc. it is a wonder that so many people are so disorganized when it comes to organizing their personal business. The fact that the problem most people have with dealing with their personal business is that they have a total misunderstanding as to how to prioritize. Prioritizing is simply figuring out what tasks (bills, appointments etc.) need to be done first, second, etc. Not prioritizing and therefore, not handling business in an orderly fashion will eventually result in missed appointments, late bills and of course. The missed opportunities and late charges which are generated by not being somewhere or, paying a bill on time.

Electronic gadgets are great organizers and can set off reminders for us to do a number of tasks during a day. However, bill paying and personal appointments might be more easily handled by simply writing down when your bills are due on a wall calendar, desk calendar or, personal calendar. Crossing off the item when it is paid or the appointment is completed will serve as at least a personal record of your accomplishment. For elderly persons who are not at all savvy with the modern organizing machines, find that just a calendar is easy and it does not cost them the money of owning an electronic device or paying for a connection to the internets.

Handling paperwork at home is really not much different than at a business. In business you should try to only touch paperwork once. Pick it up and handle it immediately then go on to the next piece of paperwork. It is easy to jump around from one thing to another and never quite finish anything in a timely manner. In business you have the problem of people distracting you with what some call fires (problems that require immediate attention). At home you will have distractions but, they will not normally be as great as if you are running a business. The main thing is that if you have to handle a distraction, once it is finished, you return to what you were doing and complete that task. If you are making out bills, don’t quit until they are all done and ready to go out in the mail.

In summation, you must learn to be disciplined when it comes to being organized. Prioritize paperwork (mail) as it comes in and handle it as soon as possible. You can cheat the technology companies and internet service providers out of lots of money by using a simple paper calendar to organize the payment of your bills and also, in keeping track of appointments. In today’s world late payments and missed appointments will end up costing you fees and fines which you would not incur if you take a few moments to become organized.

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